About Us

Gouden Reserves is an international group with offices in the Netherlands and Singapore. Our subsidiary, JSC AK Altynalmas, is a major gold producer in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its main operational activities are:

Extraction, processing and production of precious metal and other minerals

Construction and assembly operations

Geological surveys

Financing scientific research, prospecting and exploration


Established in 1993, National JSC AK Altynalmas was tasked with developing gold mining capabilities and creating gold processing facilities within the newly-independent Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 1995, the Republic of Kazakhstan initiated the de-monopolisation of the gold mining industry and withdrew state enterprises from the Company, which was renamed JSC AK Altynalmas. Since 1997, it is a privately-owned joint-stock company.

In 2011, Altynalmas completed modernisation of the Akbakay gold processing plant, raising its ore processing capacity from 200 thousand to 1 million tons/year.

In 2014, Altynalmas launched a second major project based around the Pustynnoye deposit in Karaganda Region, with an ore processing capacity of 2 million tons/year.


Currently, the Company is focused on developing production efficiency through creation of full-cycle automatization and digitalisation of the enterprise.

Key Facts

Ore Production Capacity

Over 3 million tons per year

Ore Bullion Produced

Over 4 tons/year


Over 1,700


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